Like many companies, we’re getting used to the new norm of having our entire workforce working in a distributed environment.  

We understand that some of you will be currently working in the same way and that others will be waiting for the lock-down to lift and will be using their time constructively to plan how they work in the future.

We have been using technology to collaborate with suppliers and staff for a while now.  We appreciate how difficult it can seem at first to operate in a distributed environment, we thought it might be helpful to share some of the free technologies we are using with you.


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Slack is an Instant Messaging Service that can be used online, installed on your computer, or as a mobile app.

As a business with various members of staff sitting in different departments, we have found Slack to be really useful as you can set up different Channels to message in. We have channels set up for each department and also have themed channels for communicating useful links, etc.

We’ve found this to be a great tool for both internal collaboration and employee engagement, with staff continuing their light-hearted banter even though they’re miles apart.

Slack has free and paid plans and we’ve found the free plan to be more than enough for our needs.

Find Slack Here



Trello is a web-based Project Management Tool that can be used for collaborating on projects.

At TVLE this system is mainly in use for order progress and marketing but it can be useful in other business areas that find the need to collaborate on both small and complex projects.

Again, this product has both free and paid plans and we’re currently using the free plan without issue.

Find Trello Here


Zoom is a Remote Video Conferencing Service that can be installed on your computer or as a mobile app.

We’ve found Zoom to be an excellent tool for scheduling our usual face-to-face meetings. Zoom is easy to install and it’s relatively straightforward to understand its basic features.

Zoom has both free and paid plans. Here’s a selection of features that we’ve found to be really useful on their free plan:

  • Encrypted communication
  • Voice and video recording options
  • Screen sharing

The Screen Sharing feature is a great collaboration tool allowing staff to ‘point and show’ rather than describe their screen in detail.

Find Zoom Here

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