Life after lockdown: tips for getting your car ready

The streets in our cities and towns are mainly empty of people and cars – save for key workers. You might have been enjoying this unexpected side-effect of the coronavirus pandemic with the reduction in traffic and the improved air quality.
But following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement last Sunday (10 May 2020), those who live in England can start to think about enjoying our recreation by travelling further afield. Or for those who play golf, about returning to the greens; and for those who play tennis, getting back on the courts.
Which all means jumping back into our cars after they have been left unused for several weeks. So we put our heads together at The Vehicle Leasing Expert to come up with some tips for getting your car back on the road in life after lockdown.


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Must do’s for checking your car after lockdown

1. Check the fluid levels.

The engine oil and coolant levels must be checked before starting the engine. Replenish if any are required. And once you’ve started the car, just leave the engine running for a few minutes before setting off. This enables the liquids to circulate thoroughly and do their lubricating function. Also check your fuel gauge – you might have forgotten how much is left in the tank. Do you need fuel?

2. Check tyre pressures.

If you leave your car without driving it for weeks, over time tyre pressure reduces. This happens thanks to ‘permeability’ of the tyre carcass, whereby tyres typically lose a little air every day, especially in the summer. If the vehicle remains stationary and the tyres lose much of their air, the weight of the car could damage the wheel rims.
If you can, check the tyres at home and add air; if not, go to a fuel filling station with an air machine as soon as you are able.

3. Check lights and bulbs are all working. 

It’s best if you have assistance for this particular check. Position someone from your household behind you and then with the car stationary and the handbrake on, check your indicators, rear lights and brake lights are working. Then repeat the process but at the front of the car.
Also, do not ignore any dashboard warning lights that are displaying. You will need to get these items professionally checked if any warning lights are on. If you have a maintenance contract with your car lease, then contact the maintenance hotline and they will direct you to the nearest workshop that is currently open. If you are unsure of your maintenance provider, then you can always contact us on The Vehicle Leasing Expert and we will endeavour to help.

4. Disinfect your car

It is important to clean your vehicle with emphasis on the areas of greatest contact, both on the outside and inside of the car:
The basics. The exterior and interior door handles, steering wheel, gearshift, touchscreen, indicators and seat position and window controls.
Dashboard. This is one of the most important focal points, as people commonly cough or sneeze in its direction.
Floor mats. They accumulate a lot of dirt that is brought in on the soles of your shoes.
Ventilation. To ensure air quality, the vents must not be obstructed. In addition to disinfecting them, dust should be removed with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Exterior. People touch many more areas outside the car besides the door handles without realising it. We lean against windows, pull the doors open by the frame or push them shut. It is important to use the right cleaning products: mild soap and water, and specific car care products.
Keep some anti-bacterial wipes inside your car so they can be used when you get back into your car once you have been shopping, or playing golf and so on.

Take it easy

If you have not driven for a while, it’s best to take it easy on the road at first. You will also notice your concentration levels are not up to scratch either, so just take it very carefully and enjoy being back in your car.
That’s it! Five great tips for life after lockdown driving. If you want any further information, or to view our latest car leasing deals, just head to our home page We hope you found this helpful.

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