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Rachel is a friend of TVLE and gives us lots of advice….not sure we always listen.  However she is known locally in Cheshire as “Aunty Social” and does so much for her home town of Knutsford, helping via social media and digital platforms to promote local business and the town itself.  Here at TVLE, we thought it would be good if we repaid the favour and helped promote Rachels business.  Now whats this got to do with cars, apart from Rachel worked for Bentley in a past life, not a lot being totally honest.  We see daily the the quality of Rachels work and so should you.  So visit and also read on to find out more about Cheshires very own “Aunty Social”. 

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I am an independent marketing consultant based in Knutsford. I work with a variety of clients – big and small – who all require a little help with their marketing. At the moment, I’m helping businesses get online and stand out from the crowd on social media. I provide a professional (as much as you can be right now during Covid!) and fun service, and can help keep your business alive until the world comes back to life.

Here are some of the projects I am currently helping clients with.

Tatton Brewery

With the overnight closure of the entire pub trade, things looked bleak for this local brewery. But after working together for 4 weeks now on their marketing and PR, they can’t make beer fast enough to keep up with deliveries. The main focus is around TattonLive – a weekly LIVE beer-tasting session, dual broadcast to Facebook and Instagram on Saturday evenings. Supported by a suite of social media ads that promote their online shop. I also created the idea of giving away thank you beers to keyworkers, nominations are currently coming in; a great way to support the local community and keep the Tatton Brewery brand strong in uncertain times.

Heddy Delivers

Local chef Heddy – previously restaurateur of Heddys in Wilmslow – decided to launch a restaurant-quality delivery service. To help launch it, we designed a sub-brand for the delivery side of the business, designed digital menus, promoted it with local PR and designed a set of posts to spread the word on social media. He currently has a full order book and people have to book a week in advance to get a delivery slot.

We totally agree with this quote from Rachel

“Being in lockdown doesn’t need to be the end, it’s just time to adapt your business into the next chapter”.

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