The Most Viewed Car Adverts on YouTube

Getting yourself into a decent car has thankfully moved on from the days of trekking to a showroom and fighting your way through a scrum of salespeople all eager to relieve you of your precious hard-earned cash.
Nowadays there are multiple options. The latest trend in car showroom technology is the virtual showroom where you can peruse any number of car models to your heart’s content, whether you are buying or thinking of car leasing.
And, of course, there is YouTube, the platform where you can view serious car adverts, funny car adverts or even downright strange car adverts. Who can forget Citroen’s brilliant dancing robot car or Subaru’s Dog Tested video designed to highlight the dog – and family – friendliness of the Subaru, or the singing flock of sheep on an ad for the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck. All have garnered millions of views and, we’re guessing a few contract hire and leasing enquiries. But which ads are most popular? Let’s take a look


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Honda’s Innovative Ads

Honda takes the prize for the most entertainingly creative adverts of all time with their take on the domino effect using car components to advertise the new Honda Accord on The Cog. Or the tiny clockwork machine which turns into a Honda Cub90 moped, then a bigger Fireblade motorcycle, then it morphs into the Honda Civic in all its forms, then an ATV before showing us the wonder that is Asimov the robot. The advert is genius in its simplicity, which is why the Honda Power of Dreams advert is repeatedly watched by millions on YouTube.

Hyundai’s ‘The Elevator’

Taking top place with 38.8 million views is Hyundai with The Elevator. Originally made for the lucrative Superbowl advertising spot it cashes in on the Harry Potter phenomenon by featuring a comedy surreal elevator journey and a couple going car shopping. Hyundai played it perfectly by using a Hollywood star, Jason Bateman and going heavy on the humour before featuring a gleaming Hyundai SUV.

Other Major Players

While the two ads above really do stand stand-out car commercials, there are plenty of other major players when it comes to making YouTubers crave the latest cars. These include:

Chrysler -Another ad designed for the Superbowl audience is for Chrysler, who employed rapper Eminem to perform one of his best songs to extol the virtues of Detroit made motors.

The Used Car Guy -With over 1.5 million views, the Used Car Guy commercial uses clever special effects to show the versatility of the BMW Mini as it races around city streets, over a golf course (that would never happen in real life!) and even flying over the tops of buildings before landing on a ferry deck.

VW – Hollywood musical star Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain dance routine is updated to advertise the VW Golf GTI in one advert.

Fiat -Fiat also employed a real-world comedy situation to its best effect to advertise the Fiat 500S in which testing engineers replicate an arguing couple.

Audi – The German manufacturer lures in the serious petrolheads with the sight and sound of the awesome V10 R8 before it morphs into the RS3. Another ad shows a Tyrannosaurus Rex struggling with the daily problems of everyday modern life until he sees the light in the shape of an Audi. It doesn’t say whether he discussed the latest car lease deals or not though.

Whether it’s with Hollywood stars, comedy or innovative technology, certain car adverts will always stay in the mind, which is exactly the point! If they’ve put a certain vehicle to the top of your must-have list, why not speak to your friendly car leasing expert to get your hands on the wheel of one!

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