Because we know how nervous people get about excess mileage charges we have introduced the mileage cushion 

Why do we offer a mileage cushion and what does it mean

We offer a mileage cushion because we understand that you get nervous about excess mileage charges, so to help take the stress away we will give you a 1000 miles on top of your contract, just in case you need it.

How does it work.

If you have agreed a mileage of 10,000 miles per annum over 3 years, that’s 30,000 miles over the length of the contract. So when its time to give the vehicle back, you have done 30900 miles in total. You will now have to pay the agreed mileage excess charge. For the sake of this example we will say its 10 pence per mile. You will need to pay £90.

With our unique mileage cushion, The Vehicle Leasing Expert will refund you this cost.

How and when do I claim.

You submit your claim at the end of the contract. You will receive confirmation from your funder of the charges. Once this has been paid by yourself, the vehicle leasing Expert will refund you this cost. 

To make a claim, please email You need to attach the official confirmation from your funder confirming receipt of payment from yourself and the amount. We will then reimburse you the value of up to 1000 miles at the pence per mile rate on your finance agreement.


Unfortunately the Mileage Cushion does not apply to any of our Short term / Flexible lease products

Applies to customers from 27th May 2019 going forward

We can not pay out without official confirmation from your funder 


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