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When we talk about ‘Meet the Team’  we don’t just include the guys in the office, we include all our partners who work so closely with us to help make us the success we are.  We have dealer groups, funders, IT support, website company, events companies etc etc each and everyone one plays a massive part in what we do 

Our team

Paul 3


After leaving school in 1982 Paul had 7 years working in various retail roles. Then at the end of the ‘80s’ being out of work for a few weeks, Paul was offered a job selling cars, and he got a company car, ‘Great he thought, I can get to interviews’ that was back in 1989, using the old cliché…..the rest is history, he’s still here.

Selling Peugeots for a local dealer in Birmingham….yes Paul is from gods own county ….well that’s what he tells us. Quickly progressing to senior management roles, within dealerships, he then moved to Jaguar, with his last job in the dealer world being Porsche. After a few years he got fed up of all the track days and speed!!!! His words, and decided he wanted to move across to Leasing. More and more people had started to ask for it, so he saw the opportunity.

In his spare time Paul is a very keen cricketer playing to a decent level and drives us mad with technical cricket talk. He is also a very keen football fan…..you can ask him when you speak who he supports!!! He loves nothing more than taking his wife out for a nice meal….and no doubt talking cricket with her!!!

Contact Paul on 01565 757815



andy 1cut


ow, we are not saying Andy is old but… he has over 40` years’ experience of working in retail and business 2 business, (Yes 40!!!!) with the last 20 years in the Automotive industry. He has worked with large blue chips, SMEs and consumers making everyone’s car dreams an affordable reality. He started work back in the 70s, Andy assures us everything was in colour (not black and white for the younger generation) and there was tarmac not cobbles on the roads.

With the explosion of the Personal Lease market place, as well as businesses moving more and more to lease over buy, Andy’s rounded experience of the leasing market and understanding of how customers’ needs differ means he is the perfect person to support you through your leasing journey.

On a personal note, Andy loves nothing more than having a laugh and a joke, So he plays golf!! He enjoys walking up mountains, watching all sports and spending time with his granddaughter. Oh, I suppose we had better mention the wine, gin…..and the good food!

Andy named the company incorporating 4 of his personal and his company’s values, Trust, Value, Loyalty and Expertise.

Here at TVLE, we want your experience of acquiring what is arguably the second most expensive out lay behind a house, enjoyable and easy.

Contact Andy on 01565 757814




Amelia is the youngest and most vocal member of the team. She is the MOTIVATOR in the office and wont accept any negativity from the team. She certainly keeps us all feeling younger!!!

Contact Amelia (Paul might answer) on 01565 757815

Fto image from daniel

Fifty 2 One

The Guys at Fifty2One are a major part of the team. They look after the website and back end systems for us. They constantly look at innovative ways to enhance and improve what we do. Hard working and always on call. As we all know, I.T. is a massive part of all our daily lives, these guys are the best.


Search Slice

Now these guys produce Voodoo and hocus pocus!!! they are the magicians of the digital world, they deliver what they say they will…..dont ask us to explain, they use a foreign language most days with, words like ‘Meta Tags’ etc. Again, a great part of the team and as mad as a box of frogs….but so professional


Andrew Murray Golf

Now, you may think, why have we put up a picture of the team at Andrew Murray Golf, apart from their stunning good looks!!! these guys have supported us at events for years. They not only support the events, they are included and include us on team nights out so they are a big part of what we do. If you are looking at any Golf Related branded merchandise or want to arrange a Golf day in the UK or overseas visit their website At TVLE we cant recommend them highly enough. Andrew himself is a brand ambassador for Lexus.

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